Ritual Arts

Mandala Center facilitates creative processes to help people liberate their own inner wisdom on behalf of personal and collective healing.

Ritual Arts

Courageous Acts PicWe believe that one’s deepest knowing exists within oneself. Through personals story sharing, solo performances, and personal inquiry, among other approaches, we invite participants to reflect on who they are in relation to the world around them. Ritual Arts incorporates a variety of approaches to heighten transformation for personal and group experiences.

Approaches can include

  • Story Sharing — to honor personal stories and recognize our common humanity
  • Movement arts — to engage the body in our living myths
  • Mask making & Puppetry — to create creative symbols
  • Self-revelatory Solo Performance — to be seen by others in your truth
  • Personal Inquiry — to reflect on our beliefs, attitudes, and relations

In order for true change to happen in our increasingly complex world, we cannot separate the personal from the political — individual growth from social justice. We view the body, mind, spirit, and the planet as inextricably linked. One approach without the others is not sufficient. Inner work and outer work are both necessary.

While we do notTrue Story Theatre Playback advocate any particular path towards consciousness and healing, we recognize that many different approaches are useful in addressing the needs of our diverse and “multi-cultural” world. We respond to the needs of different people in each moment. We are continuously exploring new tools and techniques that help people go where they need to go. Our approaches are gentle and supportive yet frequently fast and powerful. They also are extremely playful and celebratory.

All people have a need to be seen and heard, and now more than ever a hunger for connection grows. Ritual Arts provides a container to act with intention, to listen to oneself and others with a spirit of openness and curiosity, and to generate courageous creative offers linking the personal and political with the global.