On-Site Apprenticeship

On-Site Apprenticeship in Port Townsend, WA, USA


On-site (Port Townsend, WA) apprenticeships are based on established relationships and have usually started with the person taking our annual Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) Facilitator’s training and/or having other direct contact with us and our work. We take apprentice/mentorship very seriously and want to make sure it is a good match and has value for all of us. We have been lucky to have had two amazing apprentices since the program began in 2013 (one from the US and one from South Africa).

We expect the apprenticeship to last at least 9 months to 1 year so people need to be willing to relocate to Port Townsend for an extended period of time. An apprenticeship includes an invitation to join our TO/Playback based Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble which is a 9-month commitment (Oct-June). The specific details of the apprenticeship are case-by-case depending on the person, their needs and interests, the work we have lined up for the year, etc.

Distance Mentorship is also available for anyone wishing to receive training and support while actively practicing Theatre of the Oppressed in their own communities.

Personal inquiries are accepted regarding mentoring and apprenticeship opportunities. Please contact us with your interest.

“My artistic apprenticeship with the Mandala Center for Change has helped me focus on my development as a Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner with incredible intention.The support of Marc and Zhaleh’s mentoring has helped me flourish on my path as a cultural worker and community organizer. I have gained skills as a Joker and performer along with broader reflections about the field of applied theatre.”

– Sarah Stockholm, former Mandala Center Apprentice and current TO practitioner