Grassroots Community Workshops

Designed for non-actors, our Grassroots Community Workshops  are theatre-based explorations with a specific population or group wishing to investigate their collective struggles as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.

Below are some program options including recommended workshop length and # of participants. We work with you to design a program that fits your group or organization’s specific context and goals.

Forum Theatre Workshop

Workshop tools include Theatre of the Oppressed with a focus on community building, story sharing, community healing, and problem solving towards effective action. It can include an interactive Forum Theatre performance for a larger community audience.

We believe that people have the wisdom to figure out what they need; our process recognizes this wisdom and provides opportunities to share stories and rehearse concrete actions and possible solutions for real challenges. Not designed as a facilitator’s training (although tools for ongoing work are built into the process), this accessible and often playful workshop is one way for people to be real with each other, rehearse actions for the future, and have fun together.

Examples of community groups Mandala Center has worked with include:Congo Workshop

  • Homeless youth
  • First Nations tribes
  • Refugees
  • Residents of low-income neighborhoods
  • and many more.

(3 hours to 6 days; 10-30 participants.)

Conflict Transformation through Rainbow of Desire

SouthAfricaThe Rainbow of Desire is a technique which deconstructs a story of tension between two people: employer/employee, co-workers, parent/child, lovers, etc. Using physical imagery and improvisation, the process very quickly goes beyond the individual story into an exploration of the group experience and the “rainbow” of who we are. A Rainbow of Desire event can serve as a powerful aid in conflict resolution capable of bridging gaps in polarized groups as well as between individuals. These events tend to bring much deeper awareness of what might be happening below the surface of a challenging situation, including historic/ancestral elements, as well as understanding and empathy for the “other.” Examples of previous events include: race, gender, hate speech, Israel/Palestine, family dynamics, and more.

(3 hours; unlimited audience.)

Consensus Decision-Making Training

Consensus is a group decision-making process that seeks not only the agreement of most participants but also the resolution or mitigation of minority objections. We will work with your group to introduce and/or support your Consensus process as a model for sustainable decision-making with the intention that everyone in the group “buys-in” to and supports the results. As consensus is a group process and way of working/being together, training is most effective when the entire group is present. Training can include specific facilitation skills for group leaders.

(3 hours to 3 days; flexible group size.)