Diversity Dialogues

The Mandala Center provides unique, highly participatory workshops to help organizations, groups, as well as individuals increase awareness and take action towards a more equitable and just life for all people.

Below are some program options including recommended workshop length and # of participants. We work with you to design a program that fits your group or organization’s specific context and goals.

Diversity: Moving from Reality to Truth

Poetic Justice Occupy MovementSometimes referred to as “Multi-cultural Dialogue” or “Anti-Oppression” workshop, this highly adaptable program creates a context for groups to explore issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, etc. Dialogue can be focused on just one aspect such as racism or broadened to include all the “isms”. Primary methods include applied theatre, anti-oppression theory, and other participatory tools to generate an honest and humane dialogue on those differences that divide people through inequity and injustice. Our diversity work embraces the duality between a “truth” of unity which holds that we are all one people and a “reality” of division with some people treated differently than others, in part, because of their social identity group membership. This workshop invites participants towards the creation of a more authentic and sustainable unity with others. Click here for article on this program.

(2 facilitators strongly encouraged; 2-3 days; 10-30 participants.)

Effective Allyship: Working with Privilege towards Social Justice

CongoThis adaptation of Theatre of the Oppressed is designed to work with people from dominant social groups. Goals include activating the silent witness, effective allyship, and how to use one’s privilege and access to transform from (perhaps unintentional) agent of oppression to (more intentional) agent of liberation. These concepts can be used with men around sexism, straight people around heterosexism, able-bodied people around ableism, etc. Not putting the blame of injustice on any particular group and recognizing all of our complexity and deep humanity, these adaptations seek to involve everyone in ever growing thought and action towards a more just and joyous world for all people.

(2-3 days; 10-30 participants.)

Uprooting Racism for White Folks

Mandala Center WorkshopExperiential exploration of how European-Americans / White people can be more effective allies and activists working with people of color on the journey towards dismantling racism. The workshop includes an investigation of one’s ethno-cultural heritage, internalized privilege, class & gender issues, and allyship. Featuring Theatre of the Oppressed, anti-oppression theory, and other participatory techniques.

(2-3 days; 10-30 participants.)