Meet the Ensemble

Very few of the members of the Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble (PJTE) are professional actors. We are artist-activists from the community. We are students, parents, educators and workers. We are concerned citizens who commit to making a difference using interactive theatre for dialogue.

Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble 2017-2018

(Front row from left) Eamon Redding, Kelly Grace, Richard Sloan, Charlie Perez (Middle row) Michael Hindes, Liseth Marroquin, Rachel Greene, Sarafina Landis, Eileen Herling (Company Manager), Gary Lilly (Back row) Zhaleh Almaee, Marc Weinblatt, Chris Dorée, Helen Curry, Crystal Eisele

 Helen Curry

Helen Curry PJTEHelen Curry grew up surrounded by the music, beauty, and conflict of South Africa. She started working as an activist against apartheid as a teen. Helen graduated from the University of Cape Town, did a postgraduate intensive in acting, and gained drama teacher’s certification through Trinity College London. She has been an educator for the past thirty years, and is one of the founders of Sunfield Waldorf School, where she teaches.  She is passionate about the power of theater to educate, inspire social awareness, and awaken self discovery.

Chris Doree

One of Chris’ focal-points in life is to draw on the power of theatre, movement, and music to create heightened states of awareness and effect positive change on collective levels. He enjoys exploring the peaks and valleys of this beautiful planet and growing food and medicine alongside his lovely wife and son. Chris is excited to be a member of the Ensemble and play alongside a devoted and big-hearted group of souls.

Crystal Eisele

Crystal sailed into Port Townsend and soon fell in love with this quirky city. She had been creating theatre as an actor and teaching artist for almost two decades. For two years she lived on a sailboat with her family exploring Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. Back on land and creating theatre again, she is thrilled to focus her passion on the transformative power of theatre to grow empathy, engage audiences into action, and challenge herself to see the world in new ways.

Kelly Grace

Kelly, a parent of three, has been an activist since her teens. She found her political voice at a young age as an anti-war protester and advocate for youth as a peer counselor for drug addicted teens. She is passionate about heath and spirituality, birth, bodywork, shamanism, and lactation counseling. Driven by her willingness to be vulnerable, an ability to thrive in groups, and a courageousness to emerge as a new theatre artist, she has found a place with Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble that allows all of her interests and experiences to share the stage.

Rachel Greene

Rachel had high school obsessions with Monty Python, musical theatre, and social/ecological justice which has now coalesced around theatre activism. Rachel lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before attending The Evergreen State College in Washington State where she studied social sciences and community organizing. She was a peer-writing tutor and became deeply involved in the spoken word poetry community. She recognizes personal storytelling as a powerful tool for change. Now graduated, Rachel works with elementary school students and unschoolers with the goal of cultivating some of the empowerment she experienced growing up as an unschooler.

Michael Hindes

Michael HeadshotMichael is an active practitioner and student of compassionate listening, music, and other positive approaches to personal growth for social change. He has lived on the Olympic Peninsula since 2004 though his previous career in the mainframe computer industry spanned geography from San Francisco to Boulder and from Mexico City to Hong Kong. As a teen Michael formed and led a group playing big band jazz and Dixieland music. He now focuses on playing banjo and acts as a dedicated Playback musician.

Eileen Herrling (Company Manager)

eileen-new-headshot-2Eileen lives by her strong belief in personal growth and the power to change. A retired mental health counselor, she has worked with youth and families for much of her life both in private practice and as a volunteer. In 2015 Eileen organized a Legislative Theatre Youth Empowerment Project in Port Angeles, WA with Marc Weinblatt. A life-long community activist, she is passionate about animal welfare, sustainable gardening, and women’s rights. Committed to working for social justice and equality, she is delighted to bring her well-honed people and organizational skills to PJTE as Company Manager and to Mandala Center as an Administrative Assistant.

Sarafina Landis

Before landing in Port Townsend in 2016, Sarafina led a nomadic life finding themself in versatile cultures and communities. A multidisciplinary artist and ecstatic, they are committed to the deconstructing and exploration of identity. Their current academic work focuses on the historical spiritual crisis in white America, bridging the disenfranchised with nature, and re-wilding the personal/collective psyche. Social justice has taken many forms in their life, since being a young socialist kid growing up in DC protests, to their now LGTBQ+ community activism. Since taking the Theatre of the Oppressed training in 2017 they are excited to explore theatre as a pathway to social change.

Gary Lilley

Gary headshot 2

Gary Copeland Lilley is a prolific writer who first came to the northwest peninsula to teach a poetry workshop at the Port Townsend Writers Conference in 2008. He has taught creative writing or served as poet-in-residence at various community programs, as well as taught at the Jefferson Community School. He is a military veteran, US Submarine Force, and a long-time activist. As an award winning writer, his themes have included poetry of witness and persona poems. Gary was captivated by  Theatre of the Oppressed while protesting at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, GA.

Liseth Marroquin

Liseth was born in Guatemala and is dedicated to honoring her culture and ancestral ways. A woman who likes to travel, she has lived on several continents. A mother of two grown children, she is an artist and social justice activist with a passion for children’s rights and environmental justice among others. Her skills range from graphic arts, interior design and stone sculpture.  In Guatemala as a young woman she did gorilla street theatre and now returns to theatre as a form of activism learning Playback and TO. A powerful woman, deep listener, and attuned ritualist, Liseth lives in a gentle and kind way on the planet and in all her relations.

Charlie Perez

charlie-headshot-newCharlie does not like writing an autobiography. Same way he does not like injustice, suffering, and pain. His fate brought him to finish a degree in Occupational Therapy which he now uses to help older adults and elders live a better life. He believes that every individual deserves a chance no matter what race, color, religion, gender, and different-ability this person possesses. If happiness could be painted in a picture, he would be laying in a fine white sand with waves of clear aquamarine water, underneath the sunny shades of coconut trees of the Philippines, the country where he is proud to come from.

Eamon Redding

Eamon is a queer radical that performs, volunteers, and lives a life dedicated to changing society’s perception of acceptable humanity. Activism is in Eamon’s blood, and they strive to inspire others (especially marginalized youth) to lend their voice and leadership to movements bettering/changing society. Dancing is how they started to express their self, and they plan to continue doing that forever in any form possible.

Richard Sloan

Richard HeadshotRichard has long been committed to issues of social justice including animal rights, environmentalism, and racial justice. He has been a caregiver for people of all ages for over 30 years. Born and raised in Washington state, he has dedicated a lifetime of love and care working with families in the Port Townsend area the last 17 years. A skilled photographer and writer, Richard brings a sense of playfulness, presence and humility to his work as an artist, care provider, and agent of social change.

Zhaleh Almaee Weinblatt

Zhaleh Almaee WeinblattZhaleh is a theatre activist, Playback Theatre practitioner/trainer, and cultural organizer. She is Co-Director of the Mandala Center for Change and has been with the Ensemble since 2010. She grew up in the Deep South navigating her proud Middle Eastern heritage alongside the embedded racial tensions of the region. She is a proud parent of four boys, a passionate performer and singer, and a skilled facilitator driven by a deep belief in people’s inherent capacity to see the humanity in each other and to change.

Marc Weinblatt

Marc headshot PJTEFounder of the Mandala Center for Change and the Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble, Marc has been a professional educator, theatre director, activist, and workshop facilitator since 1980. He has been actively combining Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) and Playback Theatre since the early 1990’s. Marc is an internationally recognized leader in the use of Augusto Boal’s renowned TO and has trained thousands in the use of the techniques across the U.S. and around the world, from Afghanistan to South Africa. He brings a deep sense of spirit and humanity into social justice work. Marc is also the father of four beautiful boys – Shae, Orion, Darius, and Josiah.