“Re-imagining Our Masculinity: From Toxic to Tonic”- Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble Performance

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An interactive performance / community dialogue
featuring the Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble

“Re-imagining Our Masculinity: From Toxic to Tonic”

Facilitated by: Zhaleh Almaee Weinblatt & Marc Weinblatt


Following the Port Townsend Women’s March Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble offers an interactive performance / community dialogue to explore how all people are affected by harmful forms of masculinity and what is needed to transform it. 

Through the honoring style of Playback Theatre, audience members will be invited to share stories, experiences, and dreams around masculinity. These offerings will then be “played back” by the cast in a variety of theatrical forms. In the spirit of the Women’s March, we will first invite the under-heard voices of women and transgender people. There will then be space made for “Cis” men to share their stories as well. (Cis – a Latin word meaning “same,” someone whose gender identity and presentation is the same as their birth sex). This will not be a male dominated space nor will it be a time for male bashing. Instead the invitation is for all of us to self-reflect and re-imagine healthier ways of being in our full power – not power over but power with.

Playback Theatre is a social action form of Applied Theatre practiced around the world. It brings audience’s stories to life on the spot through physical imagery, music, and improvisation. Playback intends to honor and reflect whatever is shared.

Playback Theatre operates from the deep truth that every person has a need to be seen and heard. We recognize our common humanity by sharing personal stories. With deep listening as our guide we begin to unite in our efforts towards creating a more equitable society for all people.



Saturday, January 20, 2018; 2:30 PM


Key City Public Theatre
419 Washington St.
Port Townsend, WA, USA


FREE (donations welcome)


For more info contact: info@mandalaforchange.com

This performances follows the
local Women’s March: