Intro to Playback Theatre

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A one-day participatory workshop exploring basics and applications of Playback Theatre. 

Facilitated by Zhaleh Almaee Weinblatt

About the Workshop

Playback Theatre (PT), also known as “theatre of compassion”, is one of the most widely known and utilized forms of interactive social change theatre. This experiential day-long workshop follows the week-long 2017 Theatre of the Oppressed Training and offers participants a basic introduction to some of its key parts: deep listening, ritual theatre and the embodiment of feelings. We also explore how to apply PT in social justice contexts. Learn fun ways to create authentic connections and whet or refresh your Playback Theatre appetite. All are welcome; no theatre experience is necessary.

Thank you for the opportunity to ‘play with purpose’. I was amazed how deep it went in such a short amount of time. I really appreciated your encouragement and gentle guidance since I was new to Playback. I went to my edge and grew in surprising ways! It was a great day with a perfect balance of technique, application, and fun!  — Workshop Participant

Playback Theatre

Playback Theatre is spontaneous theatre based on stories told by audience members. Life stories are shared, cast, and then enacted on the spot by a team of actors/dancers and a musician.

Be they comic or tragic, our life stories are full of important moments worth sharing and remembering. Telling our stories to each other in a theatrical context is both redemptive and invigorating. Listening to the stories of our community is crucial as we strive towards a world without hate and violence.

Inspired by the experimental theatre movement, psychodrama, and oral tradition of indigenous cultures, Playback Theatre was created in upstate New York in the 1970s by Jonathan Fox, Jo Salas, and the original PT Company. The method is now practiced across the world in sixty countries, and is used in a variety of settings including conferences, schools, colleges, prisons, hospitals, service agencies, and public theatres. To learn more about playback, visit


Zhaleh Almaee WeinblattZhaleh Almaee Weinblatt is an active Playback Theatre practitioner and teacher, an attuned facilitator, cultural organizer and dedicated theatre activist. She has been a member of Boston’s True Story Theatre Company and Portland Playback in Oregon. She has also helped mentor and launch several other playback companies in the Pacific Northwest. She is an advisor to Playback North America to support the continued growth and shared access to this powerful form of social change theatre. Co Director of the Mandala Center for Change, she is currently a member of the Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble as both a trainer, artist, and organizer.


Sunday, July 1, 2018; 9am – 4pm


Port Townsend, WA, USA


US$90 per person ($25 nonrefundable)

($$ arrangements available; no one turned away.  Financial aid policy.)


Send $90 check or money order to:
Mandala Center
1503 22nd Street
Port Townsend, WA 96838

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For more information contact
(360) 344-3435