“Effective Allyship” Workshop

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A highly experiential 2-day workshop exploring how people can take action to stand in solidarity with marginalized social groups.

Effective Allyship

Featuring Theater of the Oppressed and other interactive approaches.

Facilitated by Marc Weinblatt


What does it mean to be an effective ally (or “accomplice”)?
How can people leverage their privilege to affect positive social change?

This dynamic and experiential weekend workshop supports participants to explore and activate with confidence around these and other important questions. Though applied theater-based activities will be our primary tool, no acting experience is necessary!!

Our Approach

Not putting the blame of injustice on any particular group and recognizing all of our complexity and deep humanity, this workshop seeks to involve everyone in ever growing thought and action towards social equality. 

Our approach recognizes and addresses personal as well as institutional oppression. All people are members of some dominant social groups. Participants are invited to explore this aspect of themselves and how they can be more effective allies in solidarity with people from marginalized social groups. Valuable for anyone, including:

White people around racism.
Men around sexism.
Middle & Upper class people around classism.
Straight people around heterosexism / homophobia.
Cis people around transphobia.

Able-bodied people around ableism.
Adults around adultism.
and much more…

In this workshop, we will:
• look honestly at where we carry societal privilege in a spirit of compassion.
• share stories from our experiences of marginalization and of privilege.
• transform from (perhaps unintentional) agent of oppression to (more intentional) agent of liberation.
• explore concrete tools to “use” one’s privilege and access to move beyond the role of “silent witness”.
• discuss the line between wanted and unwanted allyship; how to support rather than disempower.

** Read Marc’s book chapter on using theatre to work with privilege. **

Many Faces


Sat, February 3 & Sun, February 4, 2018
9:00 AM – 5:30 PM


Port Townsend, WA


US $250; US $200 if paid by Dec. 15, 2017
($$ arrangements available based on need; no one turned away. Financial aid policy.)


To register:
Send $50 (per person, non-refundable) deposit to:

Mandala Center
1503 22nd St.
Port Townsend, WA 98368


Or pay-in-full via Credit Card on Paypal:


For more information contact
(360) 344-3435