Financial Aid Policy

Regarding tuition adjustments and billeting (homestays) for Mandala Center public workshops and trainings, here is what we tell everyone who asks…

Financial assistance is possible for folks with genuine need. To us, this is essentially a “Class” issue. We are wholeheartedly excited to provide support (tuition adjustments, homestays, etc.) for genuinely poor and working class folk. We are less excited to do so for what is sometimes known as “poor by choice” folks who perhaps have access to resources elsewhere (assets, friends, family, etc.) and/or attend lots of workshops and are hoping to save some money with this one. Our invitation to lower tuition and find housing is really for people who would not otherwise be able to attend the event.

We want anyone to be able to take our workshops/trainings if they really want to regardless of economics and without it being a hardship. “Theatre of the Oppressed” and education in general should be accessible to all. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Financial aid for tuition can take a variety of forms depending on need, which is up to you to determine. We handle this as an honor system. We do not check people’s tax forms or resources. We don’t have an application or even need details on your personal situation. However, as we have no formal “scholarship support”, we rely on people to look into their hearts and to be fully honest with what they are capable of doing.

If you are not able to pay-in-full by the time of the workshop, options (in order of our preference) are:
     1. Payment plan over time. (Specify installment dates and $ amounts.)
     2. Partial payment, partial barter (if we can come up with mutually acceptable exchange.)
     3. Partial payment, partial scholarship. (% negotiable)

Please come to the event. Again, we turn no one away, no questions asked.

After reading this policy and you still have a need for assistance, you next step is to:
Make a proposal, based on options above, with your specific requirements.
Please be clear and concrete ($$, dates, etc.) Send to: