About Us

Change the world, and have a good time doing it!

Our Mission

Founded in 1999, the Mandala Center is a multi-disciplinary arts and education organization dedicated to community dialogue, social justice and societal healing and transformation. 

Through experiential workshops, theatre performances, and other creative events,  we invite people to be more awake and alive as well as empowered to take action toward a more just and joyous life for all people.

The Mandala Center is also an international hub for the training and grassroots practice of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed and is home to the Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble.

The Mandala Center

  • Stimulates personal and societal transformation with experiential approaches.
  • Encourages critical thinking.
  • Facilitates honest, compassionate dialogue.
  • Invites a heightened sense of consciousness to empower action.
  • Addresses diverse and multi-cultural needs.
  • Builds community by creating a playful and respectful atmosphere.
  • Applies gentle and supportive yet frequently fast and powerful approaches.


Using a community based, popular education model, we provide a container for sustainable learning to happen. We believe that one’s deepest knowing exists within oneself. We are experts of the structures; people are the experts of their own lives.

We guide people through a process of finding and liberating their own inner wisdom as well as sharing and learning from each other through compassionate dialogue. 

Inner work and outer work are both necessary. For true change to happen in our complex world, we cannot separate the personal from the political — individual growth from social justice. We view the body, mind, spirit, and the planet as inextricably linked.

Our work invites critical thinking and calls for the delicate balance of compassion and accountability. Anti-oppression theory — a power-based analysis of the “isms” — underlies everything we do, whether or not a particular program addresses those issues directly. It is valuable to recognize how a person’s social group membership affects their experience of the world.

While we do not advocate any particular path towards consciousness and healing, we recognize that many different approaches are useful in addressing the needs of our diverse and “multi-cultural” world. We respond to the needs of different people in each moment. We are continuously exploring new tools and techniques that help people go where they need to go.

Our approaches are gentle and supportive yet frequently fast and powerful. They also are extremely playful and celebratory.