Economics of Happiness International Conference – Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble Opening Night Performance

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Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble to perform opening night performance at the Economics of Happiness International Conference

“Confronting The Other : Bridging Societal Divides”
An interactive performance / community dialogue

Facilitated by: Zhaleh Almaee with the Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble


How do we stay focused on our efforts for social change when our beliefs, and sometimes our lives, are threatened?  How do we respond when we find ourselves on opposite sides of an issue or cause?

“Confronting The Other: Bridging Societal Divides” invites audience members to share personal stories, struggles, and experiences of moments of confronting “the other”  in their own lives whether it’s Right-Left, Liberal-Conservative, Democrat-Republican, etc.  

Through Playback Theatre, a social action form of Applied Theatre practiced around the world, stories will be brought to life by the actors through physical imagery and improvisation to honor and reflect what is shared.

Now in its 17th season, Port Townsend’s Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational (currently ages 15-76) troupe of local actor/activists who use interactive theatre as a tool for awareness and social change. The approach is based on the Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.) work of Brazilian, Augusto Boal and Playback Theatre developed by Americans, Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas.  These techniques are used all over the world for social and political activism, conflict resolution, community building, therapy, and government legislation.  A program of the Mandala Center for Change, the Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble was developed as a local community resource to stimulate deep dialogue and invite positive action towards the creation of a more just and joyous world for all people.

Leading thinkers and activists will be gathering locally and from around the world for the Economics of Happiness conference. It will explore the potential for economic localization to provide systemic solutions to our economic, environmental and social crises. Featuring leading figures in the global-to-local movement, the Economics of Happiness Conference is part of a series that has been ongoing since 2012. It is one of six Economics of Happiness events being held around the world this year alone, so the movement is growing rapidly. The program will include plenaries, panels, interactive workshops and other participatory sessions. The wide range of inter-connected topics will include: the New Economy movement, income inequality, local food and regenerative agriculture, public policy, local business, cooperatives, Transition Town initiatives, community-sourced finance, connection to nature, education, intentional communities, climate and environmental justice, and the impact of the economy on our psychological well-being.




Friday, October 27, 2017; 8:00 PM


Fort Worden Commons
Port Townsend, WA, USA


Friday night performance is free.
*Limited number of seats open to the public.


To register for Sat-Sun conference sessions contact: